Today is October 27, 2020
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Transmogrification by MsMagenta
September 2020

October 2020
September 2020

Covid Test and more labs
September 18, 2020

COVID Test bright and early. That was interesting. I’m not going to lie. It did not feel good. But I will say it was a lot less traumatic than I thought. My tester was very gentle I think. I pulled up at the drive through with my mask in place and my photo ID in hand. She came over in her hazmat suit with face shield and gloves and mask and she gave me a run down of how it would all happen. Then she asked me to lower my mask and blow my nose and then the fun began. It was only uncomfortable while it was going in. The 10 seconds that they have to leave it in there was no problem. I mean, I didn’t enjoy it or anything Laughing but it was not the worst thing I’ve experienced. Same thing with nostril #2. Then she carefully placed the swab in a vial-looking thing and told me I could expect my results at the latest by Sunday and she wished me a nice day. I drove away and sneezed once and that was it. Definitely not what I expected from the stories I’ve heard. But let’s just say, I would not be excited if I had to do it again but I wouldn’t be anxious either.

2nd blood test is done. That was really a lot more difficult to book than I thought. I ended up having to drive to a lab across town as the ones closest to my house were booked and not accepting walk-ins. 3-5 days for results? Well, that won’t work out so well. The technician said they’ll likely be done a lot sooner but that’s what they’ve been instructed to tell everyone. So while I am still pretty anxious to see if my white blood cell count is stable, I’m going to stop worrying about any of this (well, I’m going to TRY) and just wait to talk to the intake nurse tomorrow. I’ll see what she has to say. I’m supposed to get a phone call some time tomorrow.

Today, I am meeting some quarantine friends for dinner. This is a couple who I KNOW are extra cautious about who they are around. One works from home and rarely leaves the house AT ALL. The other is a healthcare worker and is constantly observing safety precautions. We will all be wearing masks when we’re not eating and of course we will be observing the 6 ft. rule. They wanted to have a “Last Supper” together so my husband and I will do that. I’m on full liquids tomorrow and Sunday and, assuming everything goes according to plan, Monday will be a different world for me.

Today I froze a bunch of Gatorade Zero, Protein Waters, and Propel. I bought some of those fillable freezer pop bags from amazon a couple years back and of course they came in a pack of 250 or something crazy. We used them for frozen cocktail pops one summer and now the extra 240 are getting put to use. I filled about 15 of them so they’ll be available for me after my surgery. Tonight I will be making 2 oz sugar free jello cups some with and some without protein powder added. This is going to be an adventure for sure. I have about 7 cartons of chicken, beef, and vietmese pho broth up in the cabinet which is what I’ll be living on after midnight tonight until at least the following Monday after surgery. I’ve got my unflavored protein powder (genepro) and all of my bariatric vitamins lined up on my desk in the bedroom. I won’t start protein until I get home from the hospital (Tuesday, if all goes well) and I don’t start my bariatric vitamins until that Saturday. I will meet with my surgeon on Friday in his office to get my drain out and to do the week post-op visit.

So far, it’s all coming together. Of course, this is all contingent on whether or not I actually am cleared for surgery on Monday as planned. Hopefully the intake nurse will be able to clear that up for me when I talk to her tomorrow.

How am I feeling? I’m still a bit off today. I was talking to one of my friends and he was asking how I was feeling and if I’m excited. I’m still not fully in the excited phase, partly because I’m still not 100% certain that Monday is a GO. There was a moment today when all of this got kind of overwhelming. I talked it out with a friend and I think I’ve been trying to keep my emotions in check because I don’t want to alarm my husband. If I’m worried, I know he will be worried. And I don’t want him to be worried. He’s been so great through all of this and logically, I know there’s no reason for me to be worried so why stir things up unnecessarily? Laughing But after talking it through with my friend, I’m feeling much better. It’s hard to put a name to these feelings. I suppose I’m a bit afraid too. I mean, this is major surgery for one thing. And then, what if I fail. What if I don’t make the most of this tool? What if, 4-5 years from now, I’m one of those who gained it all back? Worried Like I said, I KNOW better than to let these thoughts get the best of me, but they’re still floating around in my head. I’ve been taking things one hour (minute?) at a time and just dealing with it all moment by moment. That’s all I can do, really.

I will check in tomorrow after I’ve talked to the intake nurse or if, by some miracle, I’ve gotten my test results back sooner than expected.

Until then…
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