Today is October 27, 2020
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Transmogrification by MsMagenta
September 2020

October 2020
September 2020

September 17, 2020

I am so happy with my Primary Care doctor. I’ve been going to their office since early in February and I have had nothing but positive experiences with all the staff there. Many of my visits have been with a Physician’s Assistant and she’s been great. Today was the first time I met with the doctor. He wanted to go over my lab results with me since my surgeon is out of town and was unable to address my questions. It was a video visit but he spent almost 40 minutes with me going over every detail of my report and explaining the results thoroughly.

The good news is that he think it’s highly unlikely that I have leukemia or liver cancer. And although my numbers were a little off in that last blood count, he said the levels were not anything to be alarmed about. We talked extensively about my white blood cell count and he decided to go ahead and order another blood test for tomorrow. If my numbers are higher than last week, then we’ll need to discuss further. If they’re the same or lower, he assured me there is nothing to worry about. He also explained that white blood cell count can fluctuate frequently and it’s often nothing to worry about. Our bodies are busy fighting off all kinds of stuff that tries to take us down.

I do remember having some abdominal cramps the day after my blood test. They weren’t horrible or anything and honestly, it felt like maybe my period was around the corner... nothing out of the ordinary except that my period isn’t supposed to start for a few more days. But cramps come and go in my world all the time. Upset stomach, period cramps, bad reaction to something I ate… whatever. It never causes too much alarm. The doc said it could definitely have been a stomach bug (no matter how minor) that made my white blood cells read high. Bottom line- there’s not a lot to worry about and we will know for sure tomorrow. So I can breathe a little bit easier now. Even if it turns out there IS an infection, the surgeon will have all the necessary data to make a decision about surgery. If we have to postpone… no big deal really. As long as I know I’m not dying, I can deal with the other scenarios.

I also had an appointment with my psychiatrist. She is the absolute BEST I’ve ever worked with. She did a bunch of research about how my medication absorption may be impacted after the surgery. She is going to have me try a liquid form of the medication and see how that works. We have a follow-up appointment 2 weeks after my surgery just so she can keep close tabs on how I’m feeling and how I’m holding up mentally. I feel very secure about this. She’s an amazing doctor and I’m very grateful for the attention she’s giving me. She’s a keeper!

So I’ve got all my ducks in a row for the surgery on Monday, if it happens on Monday. I am getting my COVID test tomorrow. I’ll be getting a phone call Saturday from a surgical nurse who will go over all the details with me (including reviewing my lab work and any medications I need to know about). I’ve got all the necessary supplies at home like digital thermometer, gauze bandages (to clean and cover incisions and drain care), lots of liquid, 1 oz and 2 oz cups (for portioning), liquid Tylenol, comfy loungie pajamas, slippers, robe, hospital bag packed, text notification list ready for my husband, special mouthwash, heating pad, clean sheets on the bed, comfy spot on the couch with blankets ready… I’m ready to do this. But if it has to be pushed out till my labs are better, I’m that much further ahead of the game.

How am I feeling? Today I’m EXHAUSTED. Stress really does take a toll on me. Even when it’s good stress, it’s exhausting. My anxiety has subsided and I’m pretty comfortable with the plan of action going forward. And now I’ll say a prayer tonight for normal bloodwork tomorrow.
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