Today is October 27, 2020
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Transmogrification by MsMagenta
September 2020

October 2020
September 2020

Complications (maybe)
September 16, 2020

I got my lab work back yesterday and there are some flags. Yuck. And of course I’ve already googled them and I either have liver cancer or leukemia Rolling Eyes. I have a slightly higher than normal white blood cell count and platelet count and low sodium. There was also some weirdness in my urine test that I don’t quite understand yet. From what I can tell, these numbers aren’t off the charts abnormal but still… based on what little I know about biology, an elevated white blood cell count could mean infection somewhere and that can’t be good for surgery, right?

My surgeon is out of town all this week so I am a little concerned. I’ve contacted my primary care doctor and he will be meeting with me tomorrow on video chat at 3:00 PM to discuss these results with me. Phew. At least I’ll get some guidance. Honestly, if we have to postpone the surgery, that won’t freak me out too much. My main concern right now is that I would like to understand why my labs are off… considering I just had this same test run in mid-June and everything was fine. I’m hoping that means that whatever it is is fairly minor. I need to stop worrying about it until I hear more from my doctor tomorrow. Like I said, trying to research this stuff on my own is a recipe for disaster.

When I called the surgeon’s office yesterday, his assistant said he won’t be reviewing labs till the day before surgery. Since I have to report to the hospital on Monday at 5:30 AM, that doesn’t leave him a whole lot of time to contact me. One of the women in my bariatric surgery support group is a healthcare worker and she said that if the surgeon isn’t available to review the lab results in advance, someone else at the hospital will review the labs and make a determination and contact me. Apparently it is not cost effective for the hospital if they have to cancel a surgery at the last minute so there are measures in place to mitigate that risk. I just have to keep reminding myself that I will deal with whatever happens as it happens.
I will know more tomorrow. I need to leave it at that and stop over-thinking this.

How am I feeling: Today, I’m anxious. I don’t like when things don’t go according to plan. And I don’t like not knowing what the hell is wrong with me (if anything). I’ll get through this. But right now I don’t like this feeling.
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