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November 2020
4A couple of stories... In six words.
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A couple of stories... In six words.
November 4, 2020

I first learned of the story in six words from Hemmingway, the classical writer of A Farewell to Arms. He wrote the following story........

"For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

What happens in this story...? Was the story told of the baby who had been born and then died? Was the baby never born? Was he born and then stolen before he could wear the shoes? I find this story incredibly provocative and evocative. I think, how can six words tell a story? And yet, tears stream down my face...

My six word stories so far...


She waits. Body trembles. Whip cracks.

Was this a submissive being punished? Awaiting pleasure she and her Master shared? Someone who was not submissive at all being punished for a wrongdoing?


Viking ship. Bloody ground. Rose deflowered.

Was the young woman raped or fought for and taken?


First date. Wrecked car... Tell Dad?

Was the couple making out whilst driving? Speeding?

Writing stories in this way can truly be an erotic experience, and the best part is....... With each retelling, the experience can be different.


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