Today is December 4, 2022
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Just my life by icequeen
November 2022

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November 21, 2022

my new mp3 player came.. it is crap.. sounds tinny.. tried other headphones.. so back it goes..

found another one.. it is a sony..

but.. today i pulled out my little nano ipod.. i thought i will just put music on it.. it has music but i have new stuff i want to add..

so.. i spent a lot of time trying to figure it out.. and i could not get it to work.. i downloaded itunes and such..

really pissed me off..

then .. to youtube.. love those geeks..

seems they still work.. ipods but now they are drag and drop.. just what i was looking for.. they wont take wave files but that is ok.. i am happy .. it has good sound.. and i will use the two i have till they die.. one i have classical music with nature sounds.. for the times i need to be calm LOL

so even though i wasted alot of time and now i am behind in my chores.. i am glad it is done..

i figure i wll just clean the family room and kitchen and bathroom.. then move to other rooms if i have the time..

it is just his sister so it is not a huge deal

can't express how happyy i am.. the sound is so much better than the new mp3 players.. and best yet .. i already have two .. well actually three.. i had bought my husband one and he never used it.. still in the box

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