Today is July 6, 2022
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Just my life by icequeen
June 2022

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June 20, 2022

my doctor said we are going to try a different in haler since i can't seem to get the one i need.. she sends in the script and they fill it as something else that does not work for me.

so i called the mail order one.. i had set that up on automatic refill .. i am explaining what has happed and she just keeps telling me the doc sent in the wrong script.. finally i just said it is fine.. i am goign back to the local pharmacy .. it is just easier.. and said cancel my account

when i look up the drug on blue cross web.. it does the same thing.. goes to the generic taht does not work.. what ever

then husband cpap machine quit. we have a spare well he does it is an old one.. his first and luckily it still works. got on line this morning to order two.. mine is saying the same thing that the motor is beyond what it should be..

it is on back order.. "sigh" and i have to have a meeting with some doc because you have to have a script.. and that is $98 .. what ever.. i am beyond getting annoyed.. life has become so hard for all this little stuff..

put more salt in water softener

picked up the house.. i was alone for most of the say.. husbadn had skin cancer on his hand and they removed it but it took 4 hours..

talked to brother .. no change on his wife

now dinner is in the oven stove and where ever it needs to be and the day is done

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