Today is May 22, 2022
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Just my life by icequeen
May 2022

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May 12, 2022

beautiful day!! hot sunny and no wind..

got up late since daughter had the day off.. so no early morning phone call..

showered and did a few chores..

called cable to see if i can cut down on our bill.. got rid of the movie channels we never watch them.. and getting rid of 4 out of 6 boxes.. we find we really don't watch cable tv except for news and car races.. so i will keep basic for that and keep a box in family room and bed room

then got dressed and had lunch with the kid.. it was tacco thursday .. brother usually comes too but he couldn't today..

then daughter and i had a pedicure.. and she drove me home.. since i rode with husband..

had a bit of a nap

did more house work.. time for dinner.. husband went to the grocery store because he was out of pop.. and stopped at jersey mikes ..

he did buy some sushi so that is what i had..

he said alot of the shelves are empty ..

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