Today is January 28, 2022
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Just my life by icequeen
January 2022

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January 14, 2022

Have had a nice quiet sunny cold day ...

Ordered some nailpolish.. it is sparkles.. in different colors.. i love sparkles!!

I do love to do my nails.. i always had a clear layer of sparkle.. sometimes i used alot sometimes just a little.. my sister in law who died last year. she had to cut her nails.. they would never break.. i was always so jealous . but maybe it is better i didn't have that kind of nail.. i may have let them get too long ..

organized my makeup drawer and put some stuff away in my cabinet and rotated eye shadow that i forget i have.. most of the time i use jefree star.. his eyeshadow is so good stays on all day.. just have to be light handed..

had lunch with a friend yesterday .. we laughed at how the only time we are out of our flannel bottems and tshirt is when we go out in public..

my friend. her dads house is closing feb 2 or 3rd.. she is a bit bummed.. like saying good bye to her dad all over again.. and i understand that

so all in all a good few days..

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