Today is October 27, 2021
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Just my life by icequeen
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October 12, 2021

thought it was time this morning for my little old man to cross the rainbow bridge.. but whew.. he just needed to get his legs working.. he could not keep his two front legs together on the wood floor.. looked like he was skating.. but it passed

husband took my rug outside to try and blow what ever is coming out of it.. he cut the fabric backing and found that is was just falling apart.. guess it is over 40 years old. the backing inside was just crumbling.. i was bummed..

had a nice quiet day .. nothing special.. made some tomato soup.. with potatoes and celery onions mushrooms and a can of v8 .. husband said it was good..

i had trouble last year getting my cats into the vets.. the one needed his teeth on one side pulled and it took over a month.. and then they really didn't want to do it.. he was too old.. well if they had not.. he would be gone now..

husband read vets all over the country are like this.. hard to get help..

i wanted to change my endo doc but i could not get in for 9 months..

rather scary ..
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