Today is September 18, 2021
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Just my life by icequeen
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September 11, 2021

i can't believe it has been 20 years.. i remember driving to bowling.. had my cd playing so i didn't hear the news.. got to the bowling alley and it was on all the tvs.. it was surreal.. i was not sure what i was looking at..

been watching a program on netflix about 911 it is really interesting.. things you didn't know .. but so emotional.. so sad.. we must never forget or let our guard down

i have painted 6 pots so far.. and one more is cleaned and ready.. since they still have dirt in them .. i do a couple then dump dirt in the freshly painted.. and clean up the next ones.. so far i am really pleased.. i have black green and brown paint left so that is what i am doing them in.. the ones that look like stone.. i am doing in black.. i have these larger ones.. that i am goign to do in brown and green in the center.. think it will look nice..

had my oldest cat shaved.. he looks better and it walking better.. he was not that matted.. i try to stay on top of it.. he does not groom himself any longer.. i use to be able to help him but he does not like it..

went to lunch at a place that i use to go as a kid.. it seems so far away at the time .. now that i have moved a bit north it takes a half hour vs an hour which an hour as a kid is such a long time LOL

we were the youngest in the place.. they have good food.. mostly fish .. i like the place.. i don't care for spicy stuff.. this is just good food..

then we went and got apples and doughnuts.. which i only ate 3 LOL we do it every year.. and look forward to it..

i love this time of year.. cool in the evenings and still warm durring the day..

life is good..
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