Today is October 27, 2020
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Just my life by icequeen
October 2020

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October 17, 2020

ahhhh saturday...

last few days all i have been doing is cleaning spots here and there.. organizing and such..

later today i hope to work on more masks .. not too many i just found some really cute fabric.. i love cats and i found two .. found one with beer bottles on it for husband.. not that he is a drinker .. but it looks manly.. he uses his masks of course when he is out and about but also when he is cleaning his garage.. sweeping and such and when he cuts the lawn.. and i use mine when cleaning the cats room and sometimes when i am in my work shop.. not when i am using crushed glass.. frit.. the powder .. then i use the heavy duty one.. i have a box that maybe has 3 left in it..

2 more orchids bloomed.. one .. it was from teh other house.. and i didn't know the color so that was exciting.. it is a deem magenta

my sis in law was not feeling well.. the pain was back.. it was time to replace the stent in her kidney. and after that the pain was gone.. has to be done ever 3 months.. but she feels so much better..

got my bowling sheets done for the week.. i really don't want to do them since i am not bowling.. but again if the bowling alley does it they charge the girls so much per bowler.. and it really doesnt' take much time..

couldn't find one of teh cats this morning.. looked all over the main part of the house.. even went down stairs thinking he got into the main part of the basement.. i have a fence like so all they can do it get to the litter boxes.. helps keep the basement clean.. husband was getting worried.. i know he was in the house.. and didn't get out accidently because i saw him last night when i got up to use the bathroom...

finally he just appeared like nothing was wrong LOL

it is hard with my precious black cat.. she is now deaf .. wellshe can hear like a loud noise.. but if i try to call her to come eat she just sits there.. i have to take the food to her.. so she sees i have it then take it down to our bathroom.. i feed them next to the tub.. other wise the dog eats all the food... she is just so thin.. and eats all the time..

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