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October 2020

October 9, 2020


What's currently fun is setting the soundbar in the den up really loud and then noticing how horrible the bass sounds in the living room as it thumps through the wall. Down the hall, in contrast, the music quality is just fine --- still recognizable --- but of course fainter the farther away you get. Fainter still outside the open den windows, in the backyard. Seriously, there's no way this music could bother anyone out on the street or even next door.


So then I successfully and without injury or exhaustion cut back the part of the giant hedge that had yet again overgrown a corner of the roof. Had finally gotten the smallish chainsaw oiled, but for some reason the thing refused to cut through even the narrowest of hedge-trunks. The saw just made a typically deafening shriek that called the 'new' neighbor forth to lurk out of sight beyond the patio fence, smoking and hawking up gunk.

What worked a bit better and with less commotion was the brutish reciprocating saw Chas had been using to mutilate a perfectly good car. Don't even ask! What's relevant here is that the sawsall took almost forever to remove just one of the 'outlier' hedge-trunks, barely three inches in diameter. Which I guess you'd expect, since the blade's got those teeny-tiny teeth meant for metal.

Nothing to do but get back up onto the tall ladder for another temporary solution. Or half-way up, since I'm not totally stupid. Much safer to use one of C's mom's long-grabber-thingies to pull each individual little branch of offending foliage down below the eaves where I can easily reach it. Then yank violently until it snaps like a bone. Then sever it with the big clippers mercilessly. Not elegant, or even competent by most measures, but whatever.


Meanwhile, I remain ignorant as to whether Brother and SIL will actually move back to the Hometown this weekend. Reportedly, SIL's sister and husband are this very moment enroute with a couple of vans to haul a bunch of stuff North. So it's happening, then. Unless at the last minute it's called off. Which could very well happen, as it did last fall when those two sillies seemed to plan to move, but then got the willies didn't follow though.

Again, don't ask! It's just the way my family's always been, failing to share vital information, dodging imagined criticism or hurt feelings or questions or embarrassment. Not that I'm anyone to complain, since obviously I've been known to do the same thing.


in the wind
by floating world
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