Nitty-Gritty by Candor
September 2022
18Cardboard Cathedral
September 21, 2022

Cardboard Cathedral

Honestly isn't that the perfect lie when you're kid? A story that is boarder line unbelievable, but there's noway anyone can get evidence to prove you wrong. ABRACADABRA! Suck it! Cause my dad that you've never met, cause he left my mom right after I was born, well he IS Lou Ferrigno's stunt double in Tv series The Hulk. Oh yes I did! Think I was 5yrs old. So when someone said that they get reoccurring dreams, I'm really believing them. I’ve never had reoccurring dreams. There’s been a couple times I’ve had the sensation in a dream that I’ve been there before. Strangers who were happy to see me. Loving wives who hugged me tightly while saying, “hellllo.” Taking a lazy stroll through an old neighborhood playground. It doesn’t matter if tens of thousands of nights have come and gone since I was there last we’re both excited to see each other. Then I awake and everything is forgotten.
Unless day dreaming counts? It totally should! Reoccurring day dreams?? Yes! I’ve had many repeating dreams while totally spacing out. Too many buzzing, fuzzy, hamsters with electric blue eyes fly right outside my present, past, and future. Never thought my twisted subconscious would actually team up with my imagination and start working overtime. My mind loves to dance, race, play, everyday in these magical places in my head. For me that was way more fun of a place than listening to some monotone teacher who can’t wait to retire. My day-dreams are very similar to those of the nocturnal version. Playing in a ball of colors, cuddly chaos of cotton candy and my favorite cartoons. Most of the time when I’m day dreaming I’m rewinding past events. Dreaming about what I should’ve said to that rude person at the store. Or just hashing over all the different situations from the previous week, month, sometimes even years. My brain just replays stuff over and over and over. It used to be kinda torturous when I was young didn’t know how to turn it off. Had to drink myself to sleep every night for years.

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