Nitty-Gritty by Candor
November 2020
15 why things are
why things are
November 15, 2020

Saying that Time is only a matter of perspective is one of the laziest ways to scientifically approach a major player in what’s going on.

It's different for girls than guys. When ladies write about having sex it’s usually about letting themselves go, and eternally being engulfed by their lovers embrace, or hurdling through the universe combining their hearts and souls as one. But my personal favorite is definitely the mushiest and most whimsical.
The… having to resort to anal because her saggy ancient snooch is completely raw from the hours of pounding Nana’s prepubescent new Tinder friend has been hammering on her.

Just because humans don’t witness something deteriorating doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

“Let’s take it slow sonny, and maybe granny can snag that elusive little death that’s been ducking her all night.” She thinks to herself and secretly grins at calling him sonny.

Time is obviously more than just the perception of your own existence experiencing things.

“Oh, you’ve been close little one. You almost had me a couple of times. I’m proud of you. You’ll figure it out as the years go by. Long after I’ve died. My perfect secret, My future endless scar, My tiny flawless Napoleon, My pale little porn star, I’m proud of you. I’m so proud of you.”

We have to reset the clocks on our GPS satellites everyday cause time is moving slower on earth cause of gravity.

For a few seconds Irma hears herself thinking all this and the realization that her thoughts sometimes have voices forces a flash of fear to wash across her. Was that her voice? Sounded more like her older sister.

That makes me perceive that time is an actual thing that effects molecules and matter.

Suddenly whap, slap, nap, flap, trap, clap-ping sounds fill the room.

Not a product or an effect from things moving around, but a serious piece to the puzzle of why things are able to intermix, intermingle, and exist.

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