Nitty-Gritty by Candor
October 2020
3against the machine
31chaotic comas and the dripping cold sweats
against the machine
October 3, 2020

Washing scratch has gotten easier with each dusty town we twist through. Somehow this kid that is kind of the leader of this whole thing
(let's call him Chance) figured out a way to trick the automated cashier at Walmart to accept these fake bills they keep making. And it's fucking amazing.
You scan a pack of gum for .75 cents and then put in a phony hundoh and Bam! $99 bucks comes popping out. It’s pretty crazy kickin it with these psychos but the farther I find myself hanging out…the more I start to be buying into their bullshit. Is greed killing the world? Yes!! Do children have to starve in the name of profits? NO!!! Do countries really have to be leveled and torn apart just so we can take their oil and prop up the American dollar? Fuck NO!! This mission against the machine has become quite the sweet adventure...So far.
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