Nitty-Gritty by Candor
June 2020
27 Pow! Lost Forever!
Pow! Lost Forever!
June 27, 2020

Well that sucked! Just spent a couple hours busting out a long poetic version of all the bullshit I've been up to lately. And right when I was editing it and about to post it on here there was a power serge and everything went black for a few seconds and Pow! Lost Forever! Life loves popping me in the jaw every now and then.

So this version...not so saturated with beautiful images of my never ending dysfunctional madness. Sorry

This has happened to me a few times in the past. When you work so hard pouring out your guts and putting it onto the table and then have it somehow lost, super traumatizing. It's the combination of how long you've worked on it, and also having all that vulnerability you've exposed of yourself to be just suddenly wiped away...truly SUCKS donkey hog.
It's happened to me enough times that I can shake it off pretty quickly these days.

Slogging back some 25 years ago...

Hitch hiking across the country I accidentally left my poetry book I had been working on for months inside this "shit heads" semi-truck. The book was almost done and it was definitely my best work at the time. I was quite proud of it. The trucker and I didn't part ways under good terms so I know when he found it lying on his dashboard he delightfully threw it away. It was devastating at the time. I didn't write again for almost a decade after that.

I also had several large college essays disappear as well. Back in the day when computers were still kind of new you'd have to save your work you were doing from home onto this memory "thingy" and then go to the college and try and print in out. Yeah, nothing like losing weeks worth of work in an instant. I always felt like I was telling the professor the new modern version of "The dog ate my homework" excuse.

Oh well I'm done bitching for now. Sorry I didn't get to update you on my daily trials and tribulations but I promise I'll fill you in next time.

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