Today is August 18, 2022
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Chaos 101 featuring my kids
June 28, 2021

So Came home everything was fine till one incident a minor one happened between my two kids. My son told my daughter to calm down because she was attempting to put sour cream in macaroni missed the pot ,and was so angry she threw the sour cream on the floor and smashed it in the floor {Stupid sour cream } Her quote I told her to calm down it was okay she got more upset then my son told her to calm down she called him a ptsd reject or something to that effect and all hell broke lose. He angrily took the dog out she was sent to her room because she said that and getting so angry. My son comes back he is upset and angry my daughter is screaming at me worst mother ever tells me she hates me. My son takes his bowl of macaroni slings it all over the hall way and bedroom doors yells at her failed abortion calls her the b...word. she gets more upset he gets more upset both kids yelling at the top of their lungs. Me and their grandma trying to discipline them by trying to get them to stop yelling. Both crying finally I think we got them calmed down. My daughter said she thinks I hate her for getting Michael upset because when Michael gets upset he gets very very upset with his PTSD, And autism as well as Asperger's. starts talking bout getting a gun and poison ,and bleach because he hates himself ..possibly his sister to really bad? I continue trying to calm them down takes maybe a hour and a half finally they both as of right now seem to of calmed down . The best thing I can hope for now is they both fall asleep ,and wake up in a different mood and don't hate each other at least not as much. God I am tired of this stress ,their drama their behavior.. Is it any wonder I want to runaway from home. today My daughter was more upset then I ever seen her may just have to get her into some kind of therapy to and anger management. so that was my day and my kids day or I should say evening terrible terrible. Then I had to clean up all the macaroni on the hall walls door and even the ceiling the freaking CEILING! My son tried to do it, but he was failing miserably. I am so overwrought by this constant drama. My daughter has drama episodes but never this bad. I blame it on her self esteem issues and people putting her down some her former friends ,some her brother, some me ,a lot of it by her uncle and his wife. Their sometimes very hard on her complain about her hair her weight her inability to not stay clean when playing she is ten she is kid ten year old will get dirty. That is how Michael was treated when he was little by my sister in law she just wasn't use to caring for boys and Michael can't stand her to this day now their doing it to my daughter to . I wish I knew what to to do to help them . I think counseling and being out of this life style and away from the people that shoot their self-esteem down is best and me myself have to work on boosting their confidence up as well . Relocating to New Mexico would most likely be for the best get them out in nature and their is a lot of that in New Mexico . As well as more things to do and see. I think I am spent now I am tired and depressed just going to turn on light relaxing music and try to put those crazy incident behind me and hope to god they feel better later and start talking to each other again and more of a civil manner
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