Today is August 18, 2022
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still looking for my gold at the end of the rainbow
June 1, 2021

My son had a EPISODE Sunday night so I had to miss work Monday Memorial day. My son's Episodes consist of threatened violence against the teachers, and students consisting of his quote {I am going to gut them all I will gut them all I will make them respect me I will force them to respect me they will pay for treating me like shit they will pay} then his crying and then threatened me, his uncle and so on. In short I was so exhausted from the whole ordeal that trying to work a busy holiday the next day after all that and dealing with guest with their petty demands I just couldn't do it. So today every one gave me the silent treatment because I just couldn't deal today, and barely even acknowledged me. I mean seriously how childish is that? No one knows what I have to deal with when I am dealing with my son especially when he has a EPISODE. They just have no clue none of them have kids so they do not know nothing about what it is like to have kids much less kids like my son. I curse them to have kids just like Michael so they know how I feel. Fuck them they can all kiss my ass. I am just through with this job and these people besides maybe two, or three people at work the rest of them can go to hell.
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