Today is June 17, 2019
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Missive To Julie D.
April 14, 2019

Dearest, darlingest Julie,
If there is one beautiful woman that I have wondered about over the years, it is you. I missed you and Jacqueline the most, as I headed off to boarding school.
The last we saw of each other is when we were still teens. We must've been about 18 & 19 years old? You came in for food at the burger bar I worked in on weekends, early one Friday evening. You were engaged to marry and living in C., New Zealand then. Years later, I heard that you had married again and were living in Canada. Out of all of us, I miss you, Aige and Yolanda the most.

My love for you as a good and safe childhood friend has never wavered. (Your older sister was really cool too.) I looked up to you as a role model too and like everyone else at school we thought you our golden girl, not only because you were popular and one of our best swimming athletes but mostly because you were such a lovely, bright and bubbly girl. Thankyou for being such a caring, safe and loving friend, but moreso for taking me under your wing and making room for me in your busy life. Those were some of my darkest years and you were a healing ray of sunshine in them.
I reach out to you Julie and hug you with my gratitude for making my childhood bright and worth remembering.
My love to you and your family.

Ambergris. xoxo!!

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