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My Voice, My Life by myvoice
April 2019

April 2019

What the Fuck!
April 6, 2019

Currently I live in Charleston, SC with my male roommate Edwin. Edwin last year left a job to go work for a new and used car dealership. He signed a one year contract for 36,000 a year plus commission. On Dec 12, 2018, Edwin was let go because he was told that he was needed because changes are being made to the sales staff and he was not needed as part of the staff. That just devastated him so bad that he showed at my work at 1pm.

Edwin was so hurt that for two days he stayed in bed and slept. His depression continued for several weeks. Edwin applied for unemployment and was approved. Edwin was approved for 16 weeks of benefits. During this time Edwin would look for a job. Well, ....

At first Edwin just enjoyed the time off and went to the movies, slept in until 7am and enjoyed being able to do things during the days and being home at night. While he was receiving unemployment I was receiving short-term disability because I was injured and taking time to recover.

In the beginning it wa okay but Edwin was required to go on-line and look for at least 2 jobs per week. The problem is that I was the one filling out the required online applications. Edwin needed to to apply and look for jobs but he gets so depressed and shuts down when he must sit in front a computer and take the time to look for work. The best way to describe Edwin about sitting and searching for jobs is like a person who is afraid of heights. Edwin freezes up and shuts down. He can't do anything. He has depended on me to look and search for jobs which I have done. Now, Edwin only has 2 weeks left and now he is panicking because he has not found work.

Edwin wants a job at least starting at 16 dollars an hour and great benefits. 16 dollars an hr are paid only fir you work for boeing, volvo, mercedes, or some specialized job that require specific skills. Edwin use to be a special education teacher but got burned out. He use to work for walmart but got tired of bullshit at work. My short-term disabilities have run out and I am waiting for approval from long term disability. LTD can take up to 45 days for approval so I have no income. Now, Edwin is putting pressure on me to find him that job. Well, Edwin I feel should have done some work himself. I recommended working with employment agencies.

Edwin hates employment agencies because they really don't pay much except 12 an hour and he hates how he feels. Edwin took a job only out of desperation and he has a job interview at 9am on Sunday. I pray to God, I get long term disability and and my broken left leg gets better and my right leg has a pinched nerve that makes walking very hard.

I pray to God Edwin finds a job and I get long term disability and get better and go back to work.

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