Chains Required. Whips optional! by Master KJ
January 2020
17A Bad Thing...
A Bad Thing...
January 17, 2020

Monday, I took slave with my to the eye doctor. I might have to have eye surgery and I wanted him there in case he had any questions.

Well, slave's service dog, a very large shepherd, decided to bite, ok, nip, one of the nurses. So he was immediately put in the car and has been retired from public access. This is a dog that has never shown any agggression to anyone that wasn't unwarranted. We took him to the vet. The vet said that while he could still do SAR and personal protection, along with narcotics, weapons and explosives detection, he would need to be retired for SD work. He has plaques in his eyes, so his vision will change from day to day, especially going from dim to bright, or bright to dim, etc...

We are all devistated... Yes, slave is too numb to cry right now.

I am taking him to pick up another prospect on Saturday, and he is also filling out an application for a private trainer. I know he can train his own, but I also know that emotionally, he might not be able to... so we'll see. This prospect is a female Anatolian.
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