Chains Required. Whips optional! by Master KJ
April 2019
4When your slave's slave doesn't listen...
April 7, 2019

I am so disgusted by what happened. Ok, here's the short course.

I was going to get slave whitey another dog. It is a rare dog, an Volpino Italiano. There are only about twenty puppies born in the US each year. This woman supposedly had allegies and so did her kids and she needed the dog gone quick. We offered to drive from Boston to Colorado to pick up the dog last weekend, but the lady wanted me to give my slave a couple more days to recover from his injuries.

So, Friday, that would have been yesterday, I get a message from the woman's adopted mom, the woman is Russian and she has real parents and adopted parents in the states. She is furious and sick. She tells me that the young lady gave the dog away to a friend of the breeder and didn't tell anyone until after the fact. Never mind I spent over $500 in toys, treats, bowls, bed, collar, leash, etc for this dog I won't get to get for my slave now. She claimed she couldn't reimburse me, but her mom gave me $200 even though I'm still out for the rest, it's something.
I'll never trust anyone outside of my circle again.
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