Chains Required. Whips optional! by Master KJ
March 2019
14We'll See...
17Plastic Paddies?
19When slaves can't serve.....
21Just Life...
Just Life...
March 21, 2019

I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the weekend. My slave, whitey, is still getting better, but he still can't do much. So we have been watching a lot of TV. I just did his morning medications and now we are reading a book together, while he tries to get some work done.....

I don't much like this book yet, though it just got a lot better. I'm sure the slave will review it in his own good time.

So that's just life right now... dealing with meds and dealing with his pain, and my own... Trying to be one of the senior masters in a large family... Ah well, that's the way it goes.
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