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March 2019
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We'll See...
March 14, 2019

My slave, whitey, writes on another site and this one. He asked me to write on the other site, and so I did, thinking it would be therapeutic for us both. And it has been. Then, I saw his journal on this site and he asked if I would write on this site as well, since you can apparently do more with it.

I'm keeping this journal private for a few entries, to give myself time to get used to the site and layout, to see if I feel comfortable here and until I write some things worth reading... at that time, I will make it public.

A little about me. I am a leatherman, a dog trainer, a martial artist. The last two are paid occupations and the first is my lifestyle choice/sexual orientation.

I was literally raised in/around the leather culture. My dad is also a leatherman and I was exposed to certain aspects of the culture from the minute I turned 18. I did not expect to follow in his footsteps, or join the house/family he belongs to, but it happened. And, I'll say for the record, though we are part of the same family, we do not do any BDSM activities together... Even if sex weren't involved, as it often isn't, it would still be ick. This is one thing we can both agree on. Smile

Mainly, he gives me advice on how to manage slaves, we talk about technique, punishment, events, ettiquette, etc... We have some great discussions and I'm glad that he supported my choice to live in his lifestyle.

Ok, I've run out of things to say...


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