Today is September 21, 2020
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Don't Quote Me. by Amanda22Jane
September 2020

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S. L. Heaton
September 14, 2020

"I was lying on my back
in the middle of
a place called rock bottom
and through the tears I saw it,
one small ray of light,
and beyond the screams of why,
I heard it,
a faint whisper of hope.
I will forever be searching
for a reason to believe
because you see,
falling down
has always been my forte
but staying down
has never been my style."

~ from the Armed Forces series by the author pen named in title.

~ source continues to be Motivational Quotes App of course.

I absolutely đź’›loveđź’› this quote. It's a sobriety quote for all times, seasons and thanksgivings for this grateful drunk. After all, I'm one drink away from a being drunk. Then it never ends until it ends in death. Don't know if I've got another recovery in me. Just don't know...
I love my grandkids. Very much. And my cat babies.

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