Today is February 25, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
February 2021

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The Ginger Ninja Strikes Again.
February 23, 2021

06:53 a.m. on a cool and cloudy Tuesday morning.

Caught Sandy red~handed. Stalking poor sweet Buddy! Jacqui has nicknamed Sandy the Ginger Ninja. (😂🤣👍😉) The nickname really suits him better than Kingpin! I was up already shaking out Sandy's blankie and had just headed back inside when I heard Jacqui call. Sure enough there was Sandy practically crawling along the pavement towards Buddy.
"I got him Jacqui!" I yelled softly. (Neighbourhood still asleep.)
The ladies and Buddy are off to the supermarket to get a liquid morning breakfast. (If you know what I mean.😉)
"I've nicknamed him the Ginger Ninja!" Called out Jacqui. By this time I had scooped up Sandy and was holding onto him tightly.
"Naughty boy," I scolded. "That's beautiful Buddy. You must be friends with Buddy, Sandy. No wonder you got no friends."

And inside we went to write about this.

The Ginger Ninja.

Dekkie doesn't sleep much. She hasn't all Summer. She's too busy with her young (and one older) princes. X3. Or 4...or...5? I've no idea how many boyfriends she has...
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