Today is November 26, 2020
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
November 2020

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Summer Saturday.
November 21, 2020

I walked a brand new circuit walk late morning. A wonderful choice. At the top of a road that I took, you turn left and walk along another main highway which crests the hilltops.
I stopped for a break and took in the beautiful view of farmlands and mountain ranges in the background peeking out from the huge treetops. The wide open spaces really lifted me up and the picturesque scene just did it for me. Shortly after I reached this highway, my legs started hurting.

I've noticed something important with long distance walking. My legs only start hurting during the last 2 kilometres. So it's this part of the walk that I stop and rest on. A good new walk, so I'll keep doing it.
Can't beat "The Marathon" though, for cardio fitness. It's the best!👍💚

I've let my old girlfriend know that there won't be a third time of marijuana indulgences. I'm an alcoholic-addict pure and simple fact and that's what I accept about myself.
I'm grateful for sober principles which do define me and I give myself permission to let those principles shape my personal recovery.

Hung out at a fellow recovery person's place today. She's got a gorgeous little home but that doesn't define who she is. She defines her home and is the most important part of that. Enjoyed our coffee cup meeting.

Working at keeping things about life simple.

My head is healing...finally. And for that great gift, I am incredibly grateful.

Off to church tomorrow. I can do this!

Arohanui from New Zealand.🌻💚🧡💛
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