Today is January 17, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Friday Evening Update.
October 30, 2020


I had the best journey ever doing "The Marathon" earlier today. There was virtually no fibromyalgic pain at all. Just a little on the last quarter. The best walk. Makes the painful progress worthwhile. Feel a lot better after. Being pain free is lasting for hours now, some days. I reminded myself that this is as good as it gets. I can't expect anything more from myself than simply giving it my best shot each day.

My five cats are beautiful. Sandy mitten cat is sleeping on the bed again. I love the snuggles but he's such a pain to sleep with. Dekkie decided to join us last night. Oh my goodness. Occasionally Prince Fluff Ball decides to sleep on the bed too. I have seven beds just for cats. But no, my bed is better.

Sleeping well. Slept a lot today.
Still cooking good food, chewing my food longer and focusing on just that as best I can. Watching my portion sizes has become a habit now and not obsessively so.

Walking the Parkland Tract tomorrow to the rugby fields.

It rained lightly as I was out doing my exercise walk today and I enjoyed being cooled. Someone even stopped to offer me a ride.

"I'm exercising," I said sarcastically, "but thanks anyway," I added sincerely.



...that I can walk "The Marathon" today, being Friday, cf tomorrow. Here's hoping that I can do the "Parkland~to~Rugby~Fields" Saturday.

The Marathon walk takes me out of town, in a huge "arc", then back into it via a southbound highway, that eventually takes you to Wellington city, many hundreds of kilometres away.
Parkland~to~Rugby takes you across town, turn left into the Rose Gardens and it's a straight long walk through the central part of town heading northwest to the rugby fields.
It's a spooky walk, not walked by many but I do it because of the solitude and nature richness which lifts my spirit. The walkways are very nice and follow a stream. The stream needs more cleaning.

I want to do a walk in a northerly direction this Summer of ten kilometres using the main highway for about 1.5 kilometres then turning left onto a section of open farmlands which lead to a lake. I'll have to take water and trail mix with me for that one.

Just wanted to share here a little of my spiritual walk through month 15 of sobriety. This is how I'm growing my personal program of recovery.




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