Today is January 17, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Curbing The Cursing.
October 28, 2020

My foulest of the foul languages has to stop. Using words like fucker, asshole, bitch~head, wanker, fuckhead, bitch~face, dickhead, etc., is just not on anymore. It's not ladylike at all. I need to infuse some much needed humble femininity into my languages. This really is not language becoming for a lady. The remorse is coming. And so is Christmas. It's just not amusing anymore.

No exercising and not much healthful eating either today, save a yummy large banana for an early breakfast.

We had our bi~monthly Village Afternoon Tea party today. I baked some meringues. I added two heaped tablespoons of brown sugar to give a nice golden glow to the sugar fairy puffs and K. provided whipped cream.
I've eaten 10. Now I'm regretting it all. Ate asparagus rolls, club sandwiches, rhubarb shortcake, four small pieces of chocolate ring cake, left the homemade cookies alone, and had two mini pancake logs rolled up with strawberry jam and whipped cream.
Needless to say, I'm done with food. Trying for 1,500 mls of boiled, chilled water to cleanse.

I'm an idiot. Paying off a faux~leather jacket which cost $146.00. Need to get the balance paid next week then I can bring it home. Mind you, that's less food in me.

I'm going to get a wifi bundle by Christmas. Tired of paying for data which is far more expensive.

Work goes on. Momentum or no momentum, I need to work. Will try to get in touch with the work broker I met at the library two or so months ago, by Christmas time. It would be good to start working 2021.

I can always try and do art this Summer too. These things require prayerful consideratio, more importantly, too. My life isn't worth much these days if I don't pray it all through. There's no such thing in this little recovering alcoholic-addict's book of life which says : "Thanks God, but let me take care of this myself." No disrespect intended towards Diety. Been there, done that...and my life turns to custard in two seconds flat.
(Wonderful. I didn't write a curse word, I wrote custard cf.)

I've got a furry creature hogging my bed. Snoring and wheezing. Sandy. He came to the afternoon tea and got the short shift from one of the male tenants, so I carried him home.

Need lots of sleep. Our tenancy meeting is in the morning. That's 12.5 hours from now: it's 22:00 on a warm, rainy Wednesday evening. And quiet too, which I like.

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