Today is June 14, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Still Tired And Reasonably Happy.
October 22, 2020

Pretend I didn't write tired. When am I NOT tired? Pretend I didn't just ask that, because it's not entirely true.
The upbeat news is that I can still function and movement is all important these days.

Living with chronic pain is a daily balancing act, that requires constant self~monitoring, if I am not to be driven to distraction nor constantly become distressed by it.
The best starting place that I can think of, in order to best help myself, is acceptance.
Sometimes it's best that I move while in pain and other times it's far wiser to rest up. I'm determined not to create a whole new psychological dependency on amitriptyline. I've never been prescribed this drug before and I don't want another chemical crutch to lean on. I've had so many.

This is recovery.
Chronic pain is another teacher. A recovery teacher.
It's bloody well humbling to have it so late in life. If I can learn ways to keep it to a minimum and keep it in check, without a chemical then I have won this battle rather than losing it often. This is as real as I can see it right now. ODAAT.

I got my exercise walk a different way today. Because I am currently vetoing a certain local supermarket, which shall remain nameless : COUNTDOWN, because of shit treatment by a certain staff member. I got my little shopping trolley out and wheeled it to the furthest supermarket from me. A good long walk, which left me tired but I felt a good sense of achievement. More importantly, it wasn't just a walk. I treated it as serious exercise.

A beautifully gorgeous Summer~like day all day.

New Zealand is noted for its four seasons effect crammed into a 24~hour lifespan.
No shit.
Take a plane ride from one end of the country to another. You'll start with sunshine and heat, experience a thunderstorm while airborne and end up in snow country. How about that? Mind you, I'm not so sure that this is unique to our part of the world. It's interesting to note. We're used to it. What may be unique is the fact that one doesn't have to take a plane ride to experience the same phenomenon.
Y'all don't even have to leave town. Uh~huh.

Hopefully I'll have some wonderful news about those floor routines ~ conventional exercises that is. Though, I do recall an interesting story about a New Zealand celebrity who lost a phenomenal amount of weight by working out with her bed. Like, w.o.w. Sex works too. That's pretty good. Her transformation was absolutely amazing! It offers an exciting range of exercise possibilities...not a possibility for me atm. Not at all.

Maybe I shouldn't have shared that last paragraph...

Good night. 23:02 ANZT. WaveWaveWave

Peace to you.

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