Today is June 14, 2021
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
October 2020

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Tired And Happy.
October 21, 2020

No walk today and still no floor exercise routine started.
Did some exterior work on my unit which took up the entire morning, then I had a late treat lunch up town.
I'm losing weight now and I can feel the difference a little. Those floor routines best get started soon!
This whole thing needs to be ramped up a few notches quick smart or I'll start backsliding.

My arms and legs got a workout because I was scrubbing by hand my ramp and tiny open porch. I never knew what kind of surface lay beneath the black covering it. It's a white concrete with dark grey stones pressed into it. The white really lifts the area. Next job is to clean the two side walls of the porch and the roof, then put a new lightshade up. It's a sky blue one. I even scrubbed the bricks a bit but ran out of scrubbing energy because I scrubbed the rockery too. Haven't quite finished yet. Absolutely tired now and the pain is quite bad in my legs and back.
Bare minimum of walking to get first grocery shop then home. Bedrest at last. I'll get a good sleep tonight.

Sparkles photos of her sweet little baby girl are on their way soon to me...via Messenger. Can't wait!
Cats are beautiful. Well behaved except Dekkie princess who tried to follow me into town. I can't catch her to put her inside sometimes because she takes off, on purpose. Naughty. Stressful!
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