Today is June 17, 2019
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Total Exertion. by Amanda22Jane
April 2019

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Feeling○ Much ○Better.
April 14, 2019

○ large serving of soaked porridge oats (raw), with strawberry yoghurt and sliced banana. i ate the whole serve.

○ chilled water, five-fruits herbal tea.

○ it is 13:11 p.m. so i have planned to eat again between six or seven p.m. if i am hungry before that, i will have wholemeal, buttered pikelets and two small, red-skinned apples.

○ dinner/supper will be a vegetarian stir-fry with green cabbage added, and yesterday's white rice fried into the vegetable mix.

○ i'm in love with fresh ginger atm, and it is non-expensive, so i'll be buying more of this delicacy next shopping day.

○ i will also treat myself to fresh fish fillets on shopping day and spinach -both expensive- to make a fish with fresh ginger Thai dish using these ingredients. if there is no bok choy available, i will use spinach instead. i love Thai, Korean, Japanese food. Chinese is good too. In fact all Asian foods are quite delicious. In fact all world foods are delicious and so interesting & exciting to prepare and eat.

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