Today is May 19, 2019
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Extreme Slavery: Owned, Collared and Loved by Whitey
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This Morning's Fun
March 12, 2019

This morning I had lots of fun.

I got to serve a Mistress, something I don't ordinarily do, but this one is a veterinarian and our love for animals bonded us rather quickly. She was cruel, but kind, and it was lots of fun.

First, she started out with my brand new flogger from Brutal Passion. Handmade leather and very nice. I want to sleep with it because I love the way it smells. Smile

Then, she moved on to the cane. Now, as I think I've said before, the cane I have is very stingy and I like more thud...... all I could say was "oh shit! Fuck! Shit!" Surprised

I was told gently to watch my language. Mistress was unaware that I am allowed to say what I need to to get me through the session, *for now*. Out for respect for her, I confined my language to "ouch" and "damn".

Last, she used a leather paddle on me while allowing me to play with one of my vibrating toys. I did get to orgasm, but it wasn't a satisfying one do to pain meds I had taken earlier.....

Still, a great session and I have lots of whelts and stripes which I am wearing with pride. Cool

Until next time,
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