Today is May 24, 2019
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Extreme Slavery: Owned, Collared and Loved by Whitey
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My dad rocks!
March 4, 2019

Having kind of a bad day. Pain has been really high today from one of my various medical conditions. I've also not been sleeping well..... I have these horrible night
They are not nightmares, but something worse. Something all too terribly real and frightening. I wake up in a cold sweat, heartrate in the 180's.... Sometimes, I wake up screaming. I don't know if this is my brain's way of dealing with PTSD, or suppressed trauma... Does it matter?

So, it's freezing outside and I had to go to the pharmacy and grocery store. The pain wouldn't let me. One of the things I needed at the pharmacy is my pain medication. Still, I am in too much pain to leave the house. I also needed a couple items at the grocery store.

So my dad, being the great guy that he is, decided to go to the store, then drive to my pharmacy, then all the way to my house before he goes and does his own errands. I guess when you have kids, they're your kids from birth to earth. My mom used to tell me that.... It's true.

I just got an Amazon package. Yea! It's a stay inside, read Harry Potter kind of day.
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