Today is May 24, 2019
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Extreme Slavery: Owned, Collared and Loved by Whitey
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Just Stuff
March 3, 2019

I don't know where to start, so here's some random stuff.

I am a bit worried about an online acquaintance.... I've been talking to this woman, a sub, on the other site I journal at. I wrote her on the 27th and I might have been too honest. I said some things about a friend of hers and acquaintance of mine.... I'm worried I might have offended her or pissed her off. I just commented on this person and how I thought it was shallow of them to not want to see a woman again because she was "older and looks her age". How I found it shallow that the person said, "if she was hot, yeah, I'd date her again," but that a lot of guys are shallow... so I am concerned that I might have offended or upsetted her, which was not my intent. I was just being honest. If I didn't offend her........ well, I hope she's ok...

What else can I say? I found a coffee flavored e-juice on Friday and it is out of this world yummy. Now, I'm not saying I want our e-juice flavors to disappear, because I don't, but I no longer wonder why so many kids are attracted to vaping.

Something weird is happening with my credit card... If I try to use it in the store, and I've tried it twice in two different stores, it says "card invalid" as soon as I insert the card. It doesn't give me a chance to put in my pin.... I can use it online though, annd it works just fine.

Because of this, a slave friend and I engaged in some Amazon retail therapy... For me, $330 of retail therapy.... I didn't even buy anything I didn't need. Ok, I didn't need the new collar or the toy, but the collar I had permission for and the toy was part of a game. Every so often, my Masters and I play a game. The game goes like this. You can't buy anything over $30. The slave let's his Master/one of his Masters, pick out something for the slave on Amazon, which the slave then pays for without looking to see what it is. Then, the Master lets the slave do the same for him. You can't peek and when the package comes, you have to both be together when it's open... so I didn't need the new toy, either. I do know it cost $25 and it's coming today. I also got some new pairs of jeans. I desperately need new jeans.

I guess I don't have anything else to say right now..... I can always ad to this later.
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