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February 2020

February 15, 2020

I saw the howler today at the park I felt a certain coldness that I hadn't sensed in a while it wasn't him bit from myself I mean don't get me wrong he was definitely distant and closed down even though against my icy sensation I tried to open up ignored OK then let the ice thicken this wasn't about me any damn way I can't wait to get out of here far away where I'm not looking at constant pain and misery in the reminders of my past you win howler I'm the one who staying single cause I have no more love for anyone in that manner my frostbitten heart has turned ice cold yeah I said it I love you but not the way you want you were a good father and person the toxicity of our relationship lays at both our feet and that's why this is the way things are understand that I am trying God gave me an opportunity to see if you'd take the one I'd give you so there I lay it at your feet take your time think it over and figure out what opportunity do you choose to be free with never so much as a whisper or to see what the other choice has to offer my son is a good boy he has all he could ever need with me so y'all would just have a bond you'd build
It's whatever it is
by Vampyra
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