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April 2019

Shes on her way
April 27, 2019

Hes here today and my sister calls to tell me shes on her way for a visit fuck shes going to be mad as my uncle gave me her old couches and dining room table to furnish my home so i could teach nero to eat at a table like i big boy since hes become way too big for his high chair this should be interesting i thought before warning him of my sisters style of dress and personality and pray she doesnt notice my neighbor has since moved downstairs and a lady moved in last month who i became close with even though shes 53 (come to find out he brother married my brothers wifes sister so we are related through marraige small world reality) so the four of us are here and my uncle on his way my sister wearing as little as possible (as expected) we play uno since i started buying games for us to play since i dont make a lot of money with work but i make enough to pamper the kiddo she enlightened us on her activities since she has been back highly uncomfortable with how she acted and was dressed we talked after she left and i set ground rules if ever she came to my home she had to be dressed appropriately jeans and a shirt that covers her chest she was not allowed to come over talking about her escapades around my son and her cussing had to be brought down to a minimum she agreed to my rules without a fight which surprised me but she understood i have a child who doesn't need to see or hear all that
It's whatever it is
by Vampyra
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