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April 2019

April 21, 2019

My friend and i took my son to my brothers house after having our own easter at my house my son got to color eggs for the first time and open his first easter basket i had 5 different types of cars he loved it once we all got to my brothers house the 2 of them play magic whole i run around the back yard hiding plastic eggs i had spent filling with little candies then we all watched him and his cousin run around picking them up getting excited everytime they put another one in their basket once they were done and i went to check all the hiding spots i put his candy away and we all enjoyed dinner together before saying goodnight my friend was kind enough to drive us during the day so i stepped up as we left and drove us all to my house battling my own fear and conquering that which we call transmountain i was so proud of myself i did it i conquered my own fear we get to the house and he helps me take my sleeping child and food my brother gave me upstairs knowing my bones are getting worse and my strength is not so great after everything is done we sit down and talk as its already too late for him to take the bus to his place we have a long conversation about his message (a conversation i had been avoiding till now) look i said you know im mentality fucked so you need to be patient with me ...of course he said i will always be here whether you want to keep me just as a friend or if we take steps to be more .... I took a chance we made it official the next day he left for work (fixing my spare bed before he left)i didnt see him again till the weekend but that was a good thing he had to work and i had my own stuff to take care of i dont know whats going to happen but im hoping i didnt just set myself up for more pain
It's whatever it is
by Vampyra
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