Happiness is a Butterfly by Marchen
March 2020
9At ease with life
At ease with life
March 9, 2020

"Come here Em." Jack holds his arms open, and I move into them for our hug. He holds my head and gently pushes it against his chest. I feel his mouth against my ear. "Can you hear my heartbeat?" I nod. "Remember, it beats for you, only you."

I pull away and he kisses me, lifting me in his arms. Then he sits, and I'm on his lap. He gathers me back to his chest and eases my head down on his shoulder again.

"I remember the first time we met. " I try to look at him, but he keeps my head against his chest. "I fell in love with you almost immediately but did not tell you. I did not want to frighten you off. Beneath that, hard brittle exterior beats a vulnerable heart." He sighs softly. "The first time I told you I love you. I was scared you were going to disappear. I waited weeks before I heard you tell me you loved me. It was the longest time of my life."

He rests his chin on my head, rocks me gently and sings a lullaby. I close my eyes. I can feel his love move around and inside me. I never knew that two people could love each other in such an uncomplicated way.

"Tonight, you are mine." He whispers. I think about it for a few seconds then, finding it an appealing position, lays comfortably in his arms.

I love moments like this. Maybe we can combine our various relationships into one that will be different yet satisfy us both.
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