Happiness is a Butterfly by Marchen
January 2019
21Softly does it
27If happiness is a choice, I need to choose it
Softly does it
January 21, 2019

Sitting back on the couch, I take in the scene before me. There is a sub, naked with his wrists tied to rings on the wall. His legs are spread far apart, ankles tied to loops on a bar. The people around are largely ignoring him, all immersed in their own conversations. Looking closer, I recognise him. Jérémie. I have seen him doing chores in the garden and have had a few chats about the bird feeders he keeps topped up with exotic fruit to entice the local wildlife. He is a sensitive man, and I like the way his eyes light up when he explains something and how he does not realise how attractive he is when he is so passionate and animated.

He looks apprehensive and I wonder what he did to deserve this humiliation. A curvy Domme, dressed in tight black clothing, steps into his space, pausing as she stares down at him with narrowed eyes, making him seem very nervous about what is coming next. She grabs his face, twisting it then whispers in his ear and he nods. She steps back and the flogger splays across his chest then thighs. Her blond ponytail bobs and her red lips curve into a smile. I see his pale skin redden as he flinches but remains silent. She then flicks the flogger across his swollen testicles. A small sound escapes through his lips before he feels the next strike across his legs. His mouth opens in a silent scream as he feels the pain shoot through his pulsing erection.

I can see the sweat glistening on his face and body. His belly muscles are taut, contracting in random, jerky convulsions. She gazes down at the glowing, red marks on the sub's naked body and lifts the flogger bringing the customized leather down in artful, even blows. The audience is observing without much interest as the sub squirms under her touch. So much soft, white flesh, striped red from the thin, leather straps.

I hear the sharp intake of breath the sub gives with each stinging cut. Blood rushes into his heavy shaft. She stands back to admire her work then twists his nipples before landing a lash between his legs. He screams with pain and his engorged shaft twitches, hardening even more. She grasps his face between her fingers and I hear him begging her to stop. She says something to him as she grasps his engorged globes, twisting and pulling them before stepping away. He sags against his restraints, disappointment radiating from

I have seen enough. I close the door softly behind me.
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