Happiness is a Butterfly by Marchen
May 2018
2Least we take it for granted
3Moving ahead
5Stormy passions
11Still standing
12Paradise Lost
19Out of our hands
May 1, 2018

I awoke early and nearly stepped on Jack. He was laying on his blanket at my side of the bed. I watched as he slept, curled up in a ball, his hand under his cheek. He looked so innocent and my heart filled with love. When I find him on the floor I know he has had a bad dream and needs company. I pulled the duvet off my bed and lay my head on his pillow. I covered us both and pulled him into my arms. He moaned in his sleep and cuddled up.

I must have dozed off because I woke up feeling stiff from the hard floor. Jack was still sleeping. I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck. I moved a little to ease the ache and he stirred. His eyes slowly opened, and he smiled.

"Good Morning Jack," I whispered in his ear. I felt his lips against my neck. He kissed my skin and the warmth seared through my body.

His hands moved to my breasts and he looked up at me briefly before cupping them to his mouth. Gently he took one nipple into his lips and sucked. I felt a bolt of lightning shoot through me, nestling in a ball of desire deep in my belly. I cradled his head as he played with one nipple and sucked the other. For a moment he seemed to regress. I pulled his head away then tipped it, licking his lips, nibbling the bottom one before reaching into his mouth and exploring it with my tongue

His hands came up and held mine as I softly held his cheeks. At that moment he was the perfect man in existence. "I want you, Jack." My voice was hoarse with desire. He held me in his arms as he slipped over me. Our bodies did not touch as I felt his hard flesh seek an entrance. He slid in with one swift movement and I arched up wanting him in deeper. He held himself above me on his hands and knees and tightened his ass as he dipped in and out at an ever-increasing pace and depth. He looked down at me as he controlled his orgasm. He knows my body, my tells and when he determined how close I was, he moved in such a way that the waves of desire caused my body to shake. He called out my name as he plunged in deep and I could feel him fill me as I held him inside and squeezed.

His arms cradled me as he rolled me onto him, not leaving my body. I lay on his chest and hugged him with my legs. He was still throbbing and hard. I sat up and rocked on him as his hands came up to roll my nipples in rough fingers. I adjusted the angle to feel his full length inside and against my bud outside. I moved in slow deep waves. He closed his eyes. "No Jack. Open your eyes." He opened them and smiled up at me. We maintained eye contact as we rode the rollercoaster together. His face was one of perfection, his blue eyes blazed, and his moist lips parted. I inhaled deeply, drawing him to me in every way possible.
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