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Make a mistake by EMILYzhu
January 2018

January 2, 2018

He was two years younger than I was still reading, and he was a lovely boy, with a yellow hair, a sports hoodie, a sneaker, and now a wayward child.I think I can't with such a childish person in my life together, but I'm always softhearted, his phone messages I can't do for a while, I will now remember what I was again and again to pick up the phone, just a brief contact with a couple of weeks, there was the feeling like to know the lover for a long time.Maybe this is the edge.
Play after that he was waiting for me in my company downstairs with me by subway to have a meal, for a long time, we would be the default this relationship, but in my heart I know the child is playing, so I didn't also never take it seriously.
Day we ate meal in gome, and then he took me to go to play free games, is the place where sell electronic products, sample on board games to play, I suddenly feel with he together I like and what all don't care, if I would have thought it is a shame, buy the home to play also calculate.At the end of the game, we happily pulled out of the mall and went out to the nearby park, where he held my hands and sweated.I don't think he said anything, and I teased him:
What's wrong with you?Are you having a bad time?
No, he opened his mouth in a few seconds. I don't know if he was shy or his bangs were too long. I can't see his face, but he just opened his mouth and said: I want to hug!
I sweat -|| and then we do a seat, I hug him, he suddenly pulls me up and says:
I don't think we're like couples.
Why is that?I began to wonder if this was not a couple.
We just play together, but we don't do anything that couples do.
What did the couple do that we didn't do?I slowly pushed him away, thinking that he was not taking medicine or taking the wrong medicine today.
For example, um...Kissing...Or something...
......I sweated directly, sure enough, it was a kid.
So can we.I don't know where I came from.
Is that ok?
That's right?I think he's surprised.He even perspired to hold my hand.
Then we kissed in the park, and I thought his mouth was in my mouth.
Since then, he has been in the possession of the sovereign, starting to become more and more of a bottomless line, always texting to think of me
And I always cold reply to: have a good class.
In the listening
So focus on that
What time do you get off work?
What time do you finish?
I'll be right there. I'll finish at 3:30. I'll see you
No, we're headed for a dinner party today
Not happy...Not happy...
Play for yourself.
Then I turned off the phone.Actually no dinner at night, I go to KFC to eat a meal, and then the way to buy some fruit on his way home, I suddenly feel his presence has recently disturbed my life trajectory, he didn't like a weaned child find all day long I want milk, but I'm not ready to write his own future, so I can't old so stick with him.I walk to the subway, and then out of the car, just from the underground to the road I saw him, wearing headphones and hat, he looks up to me, I'm a little surprised, already 9 o 'clock in the evening, he had to wait here?But another warmth welled up in my mind, there is no such a person appear for a long time, maybe I should let nature take its course, then I went to embrace the embrace he strides, asked him, cold not cold, he kissed me, immediately said no.Play we went to a nearby park, we sat in a chair, but he forced me to sit on his legs, I dizzy dead, that is a little girl do it, I sweat, but in the end or from the, sometimes I feel very soft.When I was a under his hand was restless, and I think he started getting bad, so he reply I let him go bad, after his head buried in my neck, and he said it was warm, then I fiddled with his hair asked his words:
How do you wait for me at the subway entrance?
I'll give it a try. I didn't expect to wait for you
What time did you come?
The next class is coming, afraid the wrong open you
Why don't you ask me
I'm afraid you won't be able to hear me, but I'm fine
It's cold ah
But I miss you, I want to come to you after class
As he said this, his hands began to get restless, and then I grabbed and I stood up
It's too late. I have to go back
You're angry. I won't be able to do that next time
I don't go back to the very fast, I think he and I started to think is different, I should not have expected anything, perhaps the most childish is mine.He rushed forward with his bag on his back and apologized. I said you didn't have to apologize.
Don't be angry, I dare not
I just feel a little late
That I send you
No, you can go home quickly
Why do you always do that? Can't I get you downstairs?Why other people can, but you always reject outside your circle to me, go to your company downstairs, too, pretended not to know me, and then into the subway will talk to me, you never admit that I was your boyfriend, always said I naive, I feel, you have to ask for permission first this his mama?What the hell am I
I was stunned and speechless, perhaps this is the crux of our bizarre relationship.
After this incident, I felt as if I had lost touch with him, as if there hadn't been such a person in the world. I just started to feel that the quarrel that day was like a dream -- a nightmare.
Three weeks later I began to feel a little better, to be precise, that I began to forget him, just occasionally unaccustomed to texting and phone bombing.But the story doesn't end there...
I got a strange phone call from work this day:
You're Chen sisi
Ah?What are you, please?
I am li dongyang's classmate, he has not come to school for three weeks, but I can't find him, the final exam is coming, he will not come to me again, so...
Oh, what do you have my phone, in fact I shouldn't have asked this crap, I'm shortcuts in his cell phone, and he always give me to introduce his group of friends, but in front of his friends mentioned that I also not impossible.
You're not his girlfriend, we all know, he put pictures in space every day, please tell him to go back to school earlier
Oh, ok, I'll contact you.
......When I hung up the phone, I suddenly felt that he seemed to have written me into his half of the sky, and my indifference had caused him to explode that day, and I began to laugh.Hesitating, I dialed his phone, and after three calls, I was ready to die.
Why didn't you go to class? Did your classmate call all the time
Don't want to go to
The exam is coming, you
You have nothing else to say to me?Li dongyang's voice was impatient on the telephone.When I was speechless, I didn't wait until I opened my mouth and said:
I'm sick. Can you come over to my house and see me?
Ah?I'm a little surprised that we should not be able to visit each other now.
My address sends your mobile phone to wait for you, bai
Telephone hang up the address in the phone, I suddenly remembered before dating together he always let me go to his house, I had been rejected, now I go to his house when we pooped out, I'm really mad.By the side of the road, I began to look around for a taxi as the wind blew, and I even forgot what time I was supposed to do, and the only thing I had in mind was to go to his home and find him.
On the 28 th floor of the elevator, I had to register downstairs, so I realized that the baby I was crying for was still a little prince.
Rang the bell, the door suddenly opened, and he was wearing a shirt, hair reorganizes, appearance is not very haggard, from my hand carry fruit, and then pull up my hand big step to go inside, the house was open, in the bedroom, the window is bright and spacious, big TV, half of the game.
Look around, the house is clean and quality, and he's like a spoiled boy...
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