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Thoughtful Journal Prompts by Tzipporah
December 2017

A Year In Review
December 31, 2017

What were the most significant events of the year past? List the top three.

Starting new phase in my career.
Returning to Poland
Dental work

Describe 2017 in one sentence: 2017 was a year for learning that flaws and differences in myself and others don't reflect on the person I am or they are as a whole.

This year I'm most grateful for being able to start letting go of my old thought processes that weren't allowing myself to be the person I truly am.

My biggest achievement this year was realizing if I can work and not get sick I can go across the world and take my chances I won't get sick. And if I do I'll deal with it then.

This year I got really excited about going back to Poland!

This year I was most inspired by Chris and his ability to guide a trip like he did despite being quite ill with cancer. Just the joy and excitement he has, his love for Poland, knowing it may be his last time home yet not until after the trip was over did he tell me he almost cancelled.

On a lesser and broader extent, the pussyhat revolution.

My greatest challenge this year was accepting that I can get sick at the drop of a hat but it is managable.

I need forgive myself for not being kinder to fellow human beings. For not speaking my mind thoughtfully when it mattered.

My biggest piece of unfinished business from this year is my house repairs.

The greatest lesson I've learned this year is G-d is good...not bad for an agnostic bordering on atheist non-practicing Jew.

How have you grown as a person this past year? How are you different this year than last? I have turned my canoe around and decided to allow the river to carry me rather than paddle against it.

This year I wish I had done more exercising.

I wish I had done less ruminating about tRump.

What was the best way you used your time this past year? I have read a lot of books. I have written notes/postcards out of the blue for those I love. I have started meditating.

If you had more time to invest in this past year, what would you do with it? Work on my house.

If I could redo 2017, I would worry less! Hug more...

Write a letter to the you from the start of last year. What advice would you give yourself?

Dearest Tzip,

This year is going to find you stretched to your limit, challenged in ways you never anticipated, travel with people you hardly know and who bug you but you will get a larger lesson in acceptance. You will learn some people aren't like you originally thought. You will learn if you let down some of the wall around your heart people will not tear it out as you fear but love you back. You will see in one day how every day is a brand new start. You will appreciate the little things. You will learn that sometimes you spend more time on the computer because you are avoiding something. You will learn that love comes from all around if you only quiet your mind and truly listen. It will be a year of learning acceptance of others and more importantly, yourself.


the Universe

The biggest gift of 2017 was being reminded that love is the answer. Period.
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