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Chunky's Shrinking by ChunkyWoman
January 2018

January 2018
December 2017

January Roundup
January 29, 2018

Good morning all.

Well, I am officially down 10# since I started this thing. According to my scale I have 67.6# to go to get to my goal.

I watched a webinar on high blood pressure this morning. Drs. really need to teach their patients about such things. Maybe I am just stupid or slow but I didn't realize how the measurements worked and why. Once I panicked because when I was sick I took my BP and it was way up there. I said to my Dr. it was so high. She says in an exasperated way "that was because you were sick!" Well, how am I to know that?

Drs. suck. There is no such thing as a Dr. Welby MD anymore. It is just a mill to make money.

I need to find a new Dr. I want off these pills and I want someone who will work with me on it, not just shove me on more. I am down to my last 20 of the diuretic and have to go in to get them renewed so it is panic time. My weight is still higher than it was the last time I was there. I swear since I was put on this diuretic all I want to do is eat. I found out today one of the side effects of the other drug is tiredness. That explains A LOT.

My exercising has been mostly indoors as we had a huge ice storm and it is hazardous to walk outside. I tried jumping. Not good. I don't want to join a gym and there are no malls to walk around here.

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