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My Journal-2017 by imboredinclass
November 2017

November 2017
October 2017

November 30, 2017

My depression medicine doesn't seem to be working this week, the past few days I have felt so empty, and like I'm nothing, and self-loathing. I am so empty inside and it's getting harder to hide it. My friends have noticed that I'm not as talkative, happy, and goofy. I feel so alone, even if I'm surrounded by people. I don't like the person I am becoming, the empty shell. I'm not living anymore, I'm surviving, and soon enough I will start self destructing. I can't cut myself, I'm too much of a pussy. But there are other ways, not watching when you cross the street, not counting the pills when you take them, not eating, no longer caring about living. I know people care about me but sometimes it feels like I am all alone in this cruel world. I am empty. I am nothing. I am an empty body walking around, pretending to live. I wish I could just get sick or get injured, enough to kill me. but at the same time I don't want that because I know people love me. I feel so useless.
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