Today is September 18, 2021
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
September 2021

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Watch the stars and see yourself running with them...
September 9, 2021

Really, I should not neglect that old friend, Marcus Aurelius. It has been years since that little book of quotes has been picked up. I ended up placing that book on one of our bedside tables and it is now a part of this little attempt to navigate through the last months of the year.

Yesterday, when Rowan (not her real name) had less than twenty minutes to her next client. I told her she could just have a glass or cup of tea here and she asked if she could just sit out on the porch. She praised the lovely view and the flowers. It was the honeysuckle-entwined porch supports and swing chains that really pleased her. Sitting down smack in the middle of the big double wood swing, with leaves and tendrils surrounding everything, made her laugh. She said she felt like someone in a faerie tale. The new snow was quite visible on the most distant mountains and she was surprised because she had not seen that. The view along this part of the road is variable but always stunning. We are up pretty high on this ridge, so one can see very far.

Now the funny part, as she watched me hang laundry, visit with our grandson via social media and listened to my coughing, she poked her head inside the doors and told me to sit down.

She couldn’t help noticing all the prescriptions of mine, not just Himself’s and said she was not being nosy but the antibiotics and steroids I am taking are for “pneumonia” way more than a double-ear infection, plus she could tell the fever was up. Again, she told me she was taking my temperature and handed me Himself’s ear thermometer, for safety’s sake. She took it from my hand and frowned. It was well over 100 F, 37.something C.

Then she asked me to take off the ankle brace, looked at my left knee, my hands and wrists, frowned again.

End result, she told me she wanted me to tell Himself I am being treated for pneumonia along with the ears. Nope. Not going to. No reason to. Rowan also told me she thinks the autoimmune disorders are no way near under control. She was a good friend of Dr. British even before he became one of the doctors here and they both lived in Cumberland. He had given her our phone number when I flat-out collapsed with a severe kidney infection and had my first ever ambulance trip. I have a strong feeling she is still in touch with the good doctor back in the United Kingdom too.

Luckily for me, she had to go, but I was given quite a lecture but the really funny part...she winked at me and said, “Does your brother-in-law know those are Keep-Aways there, there, and down by sally gate?” And took off to her vehicle.

Well. That was a first! Never ever has a person asked or pointed out the very well-integrated keep-always.

Since then, all sorts of thoughts and yes, questions have gone through my mind, Himself was picked up a few minutes ago for a committee meeting so I came over here.

Before there was much time to process Rowan’s questions, our neighbours to the right began hollering over their gate, and between bought of coughing, they filled me in on a troubling development that came to light as the young couple in the new McMansion had a long Labour Day Houseparty. A huge party and many guests.

Back story, the husband in this house has high-powered telescopes and listening devices and drones. Over the course of this days and night long party, people got very drunk and very very very stoned. We could see and smell the cloud of finest BC local green-stuff night and day. They played, badly, guitars and sang and drummed. They still don’t seem to understand how sound carries and how much we can see.

So, some of their guests decided to spy on The Old Hippies with the berry farm. This hurt their feelings horribly for their coven was meeting there that weekend. They all heard everything too. Plus, people lined up all over that big houses’s many terraces and even the high flat roof.

Our sweet neighbours are not hippies. Yes, they are well-over seventy and have a coven. Not sure what kind of coven, but they are very active in the Green Party and many environmental groups, plus housing issues groups. They clean up beaches, hose organic farmers from around the world.

Anyway, apparently, my spouse and I are very boring and never do anything but that made everyone near this property furious. Spying on us all. Talking about it and being so loud and rude. The old family farm one up from our neighbours noticed the sights from listening devices and the drones scared their sheep and cattle.

The poor ladies and the farming families are furious. The house has been obviously empty since yesterday, we saw the couple drive away in their new Rover very early. The husband of this couple grew up here, but was sent to British boarding schools at eight and only moved back less than two years ago. His elderly widowed mum owns one of the biggest apple orchards, but he has nothing to do with it.

I am not sure what to do. The couple and their little girls have been here pre-Covid and our sons have spent time with them during previous visits.

The old farming families consider the Apple Orchard lady as new people, they bought the orchard in 1971 and the berry farm next door was purchased in the 80s. The place we live has been in two families that inter-married after WW II, from Finland and Sweden, new people too but older than the berry farm and orchard. Us? We are the nice refugees from the United States! (my husband’s brother bought property here in the 70s too. But the family is native Albertan.)

At least we have Plantation Shutters and curtains on all the windows and have planted vines and trees to hide the house even more and even with their telescopes and binoculars and such, our big front porch is covered and shaded and hard to see. Our younger son did tell the husband that if the drone came over here, he would shoot it down. Jokingly but he meant it. Pellet gun, but shotgun if needed. Just like the farmers told them.

So, what to do? People used to come here for quiet and privacy. Residents here try hard to be respectful and supportive.

I am deeply offended for these sweet ladies next door’s sake. To spy on them, to shout drunkenly really mean things like that.

There is no law enforcement presence around here. I joked with my husband he should run for sheriff...a sort of old-times Bluegrass-Mayberry-Mounty position? That party should have been reigned in, but we old folks just let them have their fun, right?

Then this happens! Their little girls are in North Georgia, then on to Essex, UK, where their maternal grandparents live, the nice young couple are off on a date-no-children trip to Tofino.

Those poor ladies!

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