Today is November 26, 2020
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Morning Song by Darlinggirl
November 2020

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Strength and maturity!
November 19, 2020

This day began with a hysterical call from JellyBean as she suffered a massive nose bleed. During Zoom School class. Both parents out of the house working. Their nanny was bathing their little brother on another floor. With the three hour time distance, the very real fear of both girls and the gushing blood everywhere, my physical helplessness because, “My arms can’t reach that far, sweetheart!”, it took a lot of calming and soothing, and the noise level was intense. When JellyBean began to sway and turn a pale shade of green, at least I had directed ButterBean to walk her sister to the sofa. Never mind the blood!

Blood on the laptop! The PotteryBarn table! In her hair! Poor little girls! If only I could step through the devices! Honestly, my hands are still shaky, worry levels just will not back down. A voice keeps whispering to me that our grandchildren truly need me even more than Himself.

Same morning, heart-breaking pictures from friends In Jefferson County of their new born BabyGirl. Short version: Mama developing pre-eclampsia, sudden escalating symptoms. Massive hemorrhages. Baby has pre-birth stroke. Mama in one hospital, BabyGirl in another. Three more strokes and one massive seizure.

The mess in Michigan with the votes meant scads of friends and family in eight states calling and texting and needing lots of assurance and support. My poor brother in Texas!

I have maybe thirty minutes before the house has more people in it. Still worried about the girls.

A few days ago, I found out, during a completely surprising visit to a store in town, yet another Birthday present. Only maybe possibly it could might arrive at the end of January. At the earliest. Getting it to the island? Worry about that when it gets here.

A new very fancy stove! There was a theme to my birthday for sure! One of the gift aprons is a gorgeous Buffalo Plaid with black ties. Our grandson just goes crazy when I wear it and he wears his Buffalo Plaid denim shirt. Or his night shirt. BabyBoyI jokes,”Red and Black, the colours of chaos and magic!” One of the aprons is this most gorgeous Belgian Linen, a pinafore style, so elegant and stylish, I call it my “Stand Still, Look Pretty” Apron. I think I will have to wear an apron on top of it, if actually cooking. For sure.

So, now our guest is left and after six weeks of him here, I miss him and his work around the place, his sense of humour, the way on Election Night, he played Tom Petty songs as the night went on and on. I miss the pitter-patter of his little dog’s feet and how sweet she was. And so well-behaved and quiet. She loved to curl up on the blue and cream cotton rug in front of the fire and sleep in front of the blaze. All the wood he cut for us, two big wood sheds now neatly stacked and sorted. He is a big, handsome man of forty, six feet six and it was just so nice having him here.

Recent call from BabyBoy II and his plans to see about relocating to Vancouver or Victoria. Or even Alberta. Quebec. Hopefully the Sunshine Coast. It would be so amazing to have him and his family up here with us. Of course, lots has to be done or fall into place.

Our children have told us this weekend is our final Get-Prepared weekend. Our doctors too. Surgery for me still in place. Ugh.

All the doors and windows in both houses are wide open and a fresh, cold breeze is sweeping through the place. It is forty degrees with brilliant sunlight pouring through violet-black clouds. Snowed yesterday but melted quickly. Gale force winds.

We are going to have a Tiny American Thanksgiving and oodles of people will share it with us via devices, in fact we invited everyone we know.

Big plans to decorate the house for the Season, outside most of all. We face the main road, high on a ridge. So, time to sparkle. When our boys were growing up and up to last year, American Thanksgiving is when we get our tree and decorate outside most of all. Very traditional and festive. Not even any Santas or inflatables ever. Now our grandson asked me to get a “Big Bear” to be on the lawn! A bear. With a scarf.

We had a teeny Canadian Thanksgiving with just our house guest but lots of great food. We stayed put. Except for doctors and careful grocery trips in town, we have not been anywhere since my surgery in Vancouver in May.

And again, duty calls! Via Zoom.

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