Today is July 6, 2022
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Rough Draft by Christine
June 2022
3It's Funny... / RP Storylines
7Thinking More About (RP) Storylines...
9July Camp?
11Providence of Forever
22Like Running Through Molasses...
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Like Running Through Molasses...
June 22, 2022

That is how my creativity has felt in the past couple of weeks.

I've been trying to ask myself a bunch of what-if questions regarding my space opera idea but I keep getting stuck on the same questions with no clear answers. The scope does not feel as large as I keep hearing space opera is supposed to be, so I'm trying to add more to it (but for it to make sense to my story's universe at the same time).

I am also behind on my RP groups because my muse is focused on my story idea, which has been in a rut this week (see above). I wish I could tackle more than one creative thing at a time. I'm sure my RP partners would be happy if I could as well.

I've also been thinking of creating more tabletop RPG characters again, like I did in February. But this time I want to test them out, either in a solo adventure or maybe one-on-one. I just need to figure out the system I want to use... D&D or Cypher, or maybe something else that looks interesting but that I haven't tried yet.

So I need to get out of this sticky rut and find some new information/details about the story. Or take a break from it, write in my RP groups for a while, and then come back with hopefully new thoughts. Or just play around with a game to clear my mind. A change is what I need.

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