Today is January 28, 2022
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Rough Draft by Christine
January 2022
5Sideways, Maybe?
13Sideways, Planning Part 1
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Sideways, Planning Part 1
January 13, 2022

After nearly two weeks of (on and off) planning the story I mentioned in the last entry, I have these five things so far...

-The names of five main characters and four reoccurring characters, plus the briefest of thoughts on eight of those characters.

-One of the main characters is more talkative than the others. I might even have a mental image of him. The others are currently just quiet silhouettes in my mind. Maybe I need to test drive these "silhouettes" with my chatty character and change them into actual characters (as suggested by someone).

-An idea of how the "time" device (what the guy who found it is calling it) works, or at least some of its rules. It is alien in nature and allows for sideways traveling... that instead of traveling through our own timeline, our characters will travel to other Earths where the timelines are different. But the characters probably won't realize that right away.

-A fictional town to start in. The guy might be from an average-sized big city, but he recently inherited some land in a rural state from his favorite aunt, and he's moved to a small town nearby while he debates what to do with his inheritance. The name of the town does not exist in that state, so I could put it anywhere (where there's not already a town/city). More research is needed.

-An idea for the "pilot episode" (prologue). I'd like to talk about it but then I might spoil it if I plan to post the rough draft on here. What I can say is that there might be a couple of agents from a secret organization along for the ride.

Now the top three things that I still need to figure out...
-the alternate Earths, and where the timelines differ in each.
-more about the main characters, as well as the reoccurring characters.
-more about the fictional town they'll likely spend the early part of the story in, as well as different versions of it.

I'm thinking, on the sliding scale of alternate history plausibility, this serialized story is somewhere between Type III (soft) and Type X (fantastical). I'm hoping it won't be totally crazy, but it may be on the softer side of things.

Anyway, more to do. Stay tuned.

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