Today is July 27, 2021
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Rough Draft by Christine
July 2021
15Writing Anxieties and a Not-So-New Story Idea...
18RP Update
21A Writing Routine? / Another Story Idea / What To Do?
25Whose Bright Ideas...

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A Writing Routine? / Another Story Idea / What To Do?
July 21, 2021

I started a writing routine this week and it's just as hard getting into as it is to get into an exercise routine... which surprised me. I thought writing, being a favorite hobby, would be an easy routine to do. To write for the same length of time at the same time every day sounded great. So far... not so great.

Monday... I started writing at 6am with a goal of 1 hour, but I started dozing after 30 minutes. I did write later in the day though.
Tuesday... 6am again. I managed a few more words, but again dozed before the hour was up. I tried to write at other times in the day though.
Today... 6am. I tried a different project but was struck by a painful headache after 30 minutes, so I went to lay down (and slept for over an hour). I seem to write better later in the day, but not at a specific time.

I want to write for at least an hour every day and I heard that writing at the same time as part of a daily routine is better than writing at random times.

So... I could try changing the time to 8 and hope for better luck. Or keep it at 6 and hope it gets better.

I had another idea that my muse initially wanted to create an RP group for, but the more I thought about it, the more it sounded like I might be able to tackle it on my own.

The idea...
A character wakes up somewhere "abandoned", in a different body, with no idea of how they got there, and memories that don't seem to fit with what's happening. As they're trying to figure out who they're supposed to be in this world, they uncover secrets connected to something major. They meet others along their journey, but it'll be up to them whether they want to save themselves or to try and save the world. Maybe both?

The tentative title, for now, is Through a Hazy Gate.

It'll likely be a portal fantasy with an adult protagonist, so I'm hoping to aim it at an older audience.

What can I do with these story ideas?

My one thought is to post a very rough "zero draft" in here. I'm okay knowing there's a very limited audience reading whatever story I decide. If I do post them on here, I'd be happy to hear feedback on it.

My other thought is to just talk about how I'm doing with my story ideas. What's happening at the moment, how many days I've been writing (and if they're consecutive days), how I felt while writing particular scenes, how many words I wrote per chapter, etc.

Or a mix of both. Post a scene/chapter on a particular day, then talk about all the hows related to that chapter around that time.

The good news: I have at least a few ideas to choose from
The not-so-good news: Trying to decide on one and writing it in a timely manner

Anyway, time to go think...


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